Power Skirt


Drawing inspiration from the captivating beauty of nature, the abstract pattern is derived from a birch tree. The image captures the intriguing moment when the bark has slightly peeled off, revealing the inner layer of the trunk. It evokes a sense of transformation and renewal, reminiscent of a snake shedding its old skin to embrace a new one. This dynamic pattern adds depth to the design I was about to draw.

The process of the old bark peeling off signifies the shedding of the past and embracing a fresh start. It represents the ability to let go of old patterns, beliefs, or experiences, and welcome new beginnings and personal growth.

The color scheme of this skirt is a harmonious blend of red, pink, and turquoise. These vibrant hues create a captivating palette that embodies both vibrancy and grace. A small slit in the skirt is stylish enough to exude modernity in knitwear.

Stand tall, radiate confidence, and captivate the world with the power suit!

Classic fit
High waisted
Elastic waistband
With / without a slit
Jacquard knitting technique
Zero-waste production
100% merino wool
Soft and smooth feel
Knitted by hand on a knitting machine in Estonia
The model is 173 cm tall and wearing a size S with a slit

Choose your size according to your waist circumference (32-46), so the elastic waistband can be measured with the right tension for you.
Lengths: S – 46 cm, M – 46 cm, L – 47 cm, XL – 47 cm
Hip width: S – 43.5 cm, M – 48 cm, L – 53.5 cm, XL – 58.5 cm
The skirt in the picture has a slit (13 cm in length).
If you do not wish to have a slit, select: without a slit.

How to take size measurements?

Natural feature:
Figuring out knitting measurements is a science. Wool is of natural origin, so the yarn assortment may vary. Also, the washing method and the hand knitting process affect the measurements. Please note that the product may vary in size by +-4 cm.

Wool has the self-cleaning properties of natural fiber, so simply allow it to air-clean. Wash rarely and preferably by hand with hand-warm water and wool shampoo. It can also be done with a 30*C wool washing program. Do not tumble dry! Dry in a horizontal position so that the knit retains its shape. Can be gently steamed if needed.

Delivery time:
Allow 7-14 working days for the product to be made specially for you. Please make sure you have noted the correct size before placing your order.
Depending on the product, knitting takes 4-14 hours, for more complex ones 30 hours.

Weight 0,230 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 9 cm

32 S, 34 S, 36 M, 38 M, 40 L, 42 L, 44 XL, 46 XL


With a slit, without a slit

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