Inspiration behind the collection WILD ART


The WILD ART collection was inspired by the beauty that surrounds us. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, with time slipping away unnoticed. But what if we could find joy in the little things? Like noticing the clouds’ storytelling from our home balcony or admiring the patterns created by an icy window. Even the grayest and windiest weather can be like an artistic canvas, sparking our imagination. Nature’s beauty is all around us, waiting to be captured.

I translated these moments into knitting patterns, creating abstract and artistic designs for ready-to-wear knitwear. By wearing these knitwear pieces, you carry a piece of nature’s art and beauty with you, filling your days with positivity and bliss.


My aim was to create feminine products that go beyond just warmth, offering fun yarn paintings and interesting cuts. Combining different knitting techniques adds excitement to knitwear designs. Versatility was an important aspect for allowing to combine knits effortlessly. Challenging the boundaries of traditional knitwear, the designs resulted in the bell shape skirt, the wrap skirt, coat-looking cardigans, asymmetrical floor-length dress, and playful miniskirts among others. Midi-length skirts and dresses are always in style for an elegant and confident woman. I embraced waist-accentuating designs, making dresses more feminine. By adding a rose ribbon to the waist, you can elevate your style effortlessly. Furthermore, the wrap skirt offers versatile styling options – tied tightly to the waist for a parallel-to-the-ground impression or tied below the hip for an asymmetric diagonal cut. Long cardigans are perfect for year-round wear, even on summer evenings. They can replace coats, with wide sleeve edges to accommodate other clothes underneath.

One of my significant challenges was creating a jacket costume. Transforming soft knit into a form-fitting jacket with shoulder pads, lapel collar, and buttons was both exciting and rewarding. The soft knitted jacket provides a comfortable alternative to the typical hard-fitting jackets.

Although I’m a big color lover, I have also become friends with more neutral tones with this collection. Thus, black, gray, and beige shades can be seen in various pattern forms. To balance the pattern game, I have designed calm basic products such as tops and pants.

More sizing options

What’s new this time – more precise sizing! And more options to choose from pants and sleeve lengths. This is because we all have unique bodies. Clothing companies operate on classic sizes that base on bust, waist, and hip measurements. But what actually varies a lot – is our height. Tall people have long arms and legs, and shorties have short arms and legs. It is really normal that these lengths can vary +-15 cm. That is why I am offering now 3 different options for leg and arm measurements. If you have no problems with this, you can always choose standard measurements.

Styling & Accessories

It’s one thing to wear one cool item, but it’s another thing to charmingly wear clothes as a complete set. Therefore, you can also find knitted accessories in this collection. You can tie rose with ribbons in many ways, either around your neck, around your braid, around your waist, or around your arm. Do long, hard jewelry stretch out your ears? There is no problem with knitted long earrings, as they are extremely light. Spiral-shaped earrings, resembling fusilli, move playfully in your ear. Crochet head crown will make you feel like a real princess as it is delicate and exquisite. Long necklaces that look like ropes will transform your outfit into a fun ensemble. 

Sustainable approach

Just like with the previous collection, so with this one, a close-to-heart feature is the zero-waste knitting method. All yarn is knitted into the design, minimizing wastage and promoting sustainability. The artworks are unique, and I take pride in using high-quality and skin-friendly merino wool, which is soft and regulates body temperature. My designs will always prioritize natural, renewable, and biodegradable yarns, avoiding harmful synthetics and mixtures that would flow as microplastics straight to our oceans, to our fish, and back to our food plates.

Mission Mother Earth

Another reason why I put so much thought into the design process is to make clothes more valuable to people. It is my way to fight the ultra-fast fashion trend. If the clothing is made of quality materials, fitting well to your body type, has a flattering shape, and has a story behind it, it can never be a throw-away item. We need to take care of our clothes, our purchasing habits, our environment, and our people. The Earth-damaging fashion industry needs to change, and hopefully, I can contribute to it positively.

I hope my knits inspire you to take a moment to notice the patterns and textures around you. Beauty is not just reserved for vacations; it’s present in every moment of our lives. Happy exploring!

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