One size does NOT fit all

Even Heidi Klum said it on Project Runway, one size does not fit all. And I agree!

Women have always had issues with their body image, and they often wish to be smaller than they are. Of course, the media plays a big role in this. That’s why fitting into a smaller size, like S or 32, feels like an achievement, as if it’s the norm and ideal. But looking good is about wearing the right size for you.

My bad experiences:

I saw this very clearly when I worked as a salesperson in a clothing store. A woman tried on a tiny jacket. Yes, the zipper closed, but it was tight and uncomfortable. She should have chosen her actual size, felt comfortable, and looked natural, not like a sausage in plastic wrap. This probably comes from a place where you’re stuck in your old self. Don’t get stuck. Embrace who you are, and that positivity will radiate out!

I’ve also experienced trying on One Size knit pants in a store, and the result was: camel toe, short legs, tight waistband. Is that beautiful? I’m not a one-size-fits-all ideal, who is?

Why aren’t sizes given more attention?

1. cost and 2. globalization

Why do we often see too few sizes in stores or this one-size concept? The simplest answer is: it’s cheaper to produce and sell this way. Product development and communication with factories are much faster when you demand just one size – you make samples, set the quantity, produce, and it’s in the stores. 

Over the last decades, we’ve moved towards fast fashion, which has been a big problem. In the past, there were tailors, and when you bought locally, you always got clothes that fit your specific body type. Local communities also knew their specific needs – body types, lengths, styles etc. Well fitted clothing with good materials stayed in the closet for decades and were inherited even to their children. 

On the other hand, I’ve noticed that because anyone can start any business nowadays, ignorance about garment proportions, pattern making, and clothing technology can also be an issue. Among many other. But isn’t it true that when we buy a house, we want it to be designed by a professional architect, engineered by a knowledgeable engineer, and built by skilled workers?

That’s why I believe that those making clothes should be experts or at least, if they’re not, they should seek external expertise.

More unique sizes!

Most clothing brands base their sizing on the classic S-M-L, which takes into account our bust, waist, and hip measurements. These sizes have been tested on women of average height.

But who among us is truly average? We can’t leave out short and tall people. It’s not fair to them to only buy custom-made options. The solution would be for more brands to include a wider size range.

How do I solve the length problem?

With my second collection, WILD ART, available in the online store, I’ve added sleeve lengths and garment lengths to the products. I’ve noticed that people’s arm and leg lengths can differ by up to 15 cm, and that’s a lot! We don’t want camel toes, short sleeves, muddy legs. Short people might drown in midi-length cardigans, and tall people will find “midi” in an awkward place, changing its meaning.

In addition to XS-L (32-46) sizes, you can choose extra parameters when ordering:

  • For sweaters, cardigans and dresses with long sleeves, you can choose between ,,short,”,,standard” or ,,long,,” depending on your arm length. Numerical values can be found on the product pages. Or if you don’t find your size in these options, choose “other” and write it in the cart. The instructions for measuring your arms is on the Size & Care page.   

  • For pants, you can also choose ,,short,” ,,regular,” or ,,long.” And same here, numerical values can be found on the product page. Or if you don’t find your size in these options, choose “other” and write it in the cart.

  • For long cardigans, you can choose ,,long – 120 cm” or ,,extra long – 130 cm.” The first length is more standard and is often seen in stores. Personally, I prefer longer lengths, and it works for me. Definitely, women under 170 cm might consider a 120 cm cardigan.

  • For Dream midi dress, you can choose ,,short midi – 120 cm”, which is more usual or ,,long midi – 130 cm.”

  • For floor length Ice Curtain dress, you can choose ,,short,” ,,medium” or ,,long.” It depends on your overall height. 

  • Skirts and pants – measure your precise waist circumference (32-46 in the options table) so the elastic waistband can be added specifically to your body type. This adds better comfort. 

  • Although I’ve created skirts in one length, 80 cm, but if desired, it can be shortened. I’ve noticed that this length looks good on people of different heights. Again, a matter of taste.

In conclusion 

Well-fitting clothes, clothes made specifically for you, or clothes with emotional value are the ones that will stay in your wardrobe for many years. Therefore, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

And as an advocate for sustainable fashion – I strongly believe it’s a small change for slowing down the wasteful industry. 
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